Publications & Media

Publications & media


I've conducted rapid response social media for social justice events in Philly and DC. My work has been featured on PhillyCam's the People Power Lunch Hour, Philly Cam, and the Center for Media Justice's website.


Ghana's Analysis of the 2009 Budget is a joint study between the Centre for Budget Advocacy (CBA) of the Integrated Social Development Centre and UNICEF. The report studies a number of national, regional and international instruments make provision for securing the rights of women and children.

Inspection of Vietnam's Labor Inspection System is a multi-year project funded by USAID in cooperation with the tripartite organizations of Vietnam. The lead counterparts are the Ministry of Labor (MOLISA), the Vietnam Confederation of General Labor (VCGL), and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). One of SIIR’s key areas relates to MOLISA/DOLISA’s labor inspection system to assess their structure and capacity and make recommendations for improving their operations. Other areas include improving systems of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and building capacity in industrial relations education and in tripartite stakeholders for collective bargaining.

digital storytelling

An interactive map of Heidelberg for bibliophiles, individuals could place pins on the map to represent their favorite reading spots, first library card, read a new poem, bought a used book, or other literature related experiences in Heidelberg. This map reflects how literature occupies both physical and mental spaces and was exhibited at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut on 25 April 2015.