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Algorithmic Bias

I am leading a research project to understand pretrial risk assessment algorithms that aims to illuminate the bias and transparency issues inherent in many of these tools.

Labor Rights

DemoChat, a mobile app to protect and advocate for labor rights in factories around the world, is a fusion of my passions for labor rights and technology. DemoChat was awarded the bronze prize at the Global Innovation Summit, social enterprise award at AT&T Hackathon, and the Digital Participation Summit.


I attended hackathons in my spare time and began building friendships with entrepreneurs, hackers, and designers from around the world. I was the project lead of several open sourced projects, including a news app that won the top prize from Amazon at AngelHack, Brooklyn. I also initiated eSuSu, an app that aims to close the gap between community loan groups and traditional banking services. eSuSu won the grand prize at Ujammathon and was featured in TechCrunch. I am currently part of the Mozilla Open Leaders cohort of experts helping to open source projects around the world.